Docnito launches its brand new state of the art Learning Management System.

Docnito Learning Management System Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its brand new state of the art Learning Management System. From simple testing to a full blown campus style environment, Docnito is suitable for corporations, governments, military, colleges, universities and more. The platform provides a customizable solution that can include the following departmentalized setup within its framework:

• Administrators • Admissions Staff | Management • Student Services Staff | Management • Deans | Academic Officers | Instructors • Finance Staff | Management • Marketing Staff | Management • HR Staff | Management • Technical Staff | Management • Accreditation Members | PAC • Authors • Students | Graduates

Docnito clients can host their own courses, license courses from a repository or place courses into a royalty based pool. The Learning Management System provides a multitude of features including:

• Personalized Domain Name • Enrollment • Security • Customization • Content Management • Multimedia • Online Group Chat Sessions • Online Group Meetings • Events • Instructor Assistance via Email, Telephone & Instant Messaging • Instructor Feedback • Custom Letter Grade Definitions • Minimum Passing Grade Definition • Homework Assignments • Tests | Lessons | Quizzes • Electronic Marking and Grading • Custom Assessments for ‘Soft Skill’ Grading • Milestone Triggers • To Do Lists • Data Integrity | Data Isolation | Backup Features • Student Attendance Reporting • Student Progress Reporting • Custom Course Extensions and Extension Fee Definitions • Pre-Final Exam Testing and Assessment Review • Practicum Work Program • Certification • Job Placement Assistance • Transcripts • Alumni Community Access • And much, much more!

“We are very proud of our LMS.” states Docnito President Colleen Gaudet. “We consulted with leaders in academia and corporate training and after investing over 40,000 man hours into its development, we are confident that our Learning Management System is the most state of the art system which will keep our customers at the forefront of online learning while providing students with a user-friendly environment.”

Docnito recently exhibited at the HighEdWeb Conference in Milwaukee and then to Las Vegas at the DevLearn12 Convention.