Docnito’s Learning Management System

*  Provides an online environment with the same departmental and management infrastructure as a bricks and mortar educational institution.
*  Provides a College, University or Training school with a customizable turn-key domain based solution to rapidly implement online courses utilizing cloud-like services.
*  Drastically reduces or eliminates many IT department responsibilities, efforts and technical skills related to managing and maintaining online courses.
*  Docnito provides 18 preconfigured Roles that “fit” your existing educational institution infrastructure (out of the box)
*  Each Role type (Finance Manager, Student Services Staff, Academic Officer, Course Instructor, etc.) is provided task oriented pages to perform day to day tasks
*  Each user can be assigned one OR many OR all roles
*  “Custom” roles provide extended granularity – 32 max roles total
*  Our implementation of Roles provides you with flexibility that will fit your institution like a leather glove.