The Launch of Docnito Learning Management System Inc.

In 2002, Colleen Gaudet founded CanScribe Career College, an online college located in the Okanagan Valley, with an aim at providing a world class learning experience while delivering Medical Transcription training.  CanScribe focused their efforts on penetrating the industry and networking with the vast array of employers located throughout Canada and the United States.  Those efforts paid off in 2004 as CanScribe was named the first Canadian School to be awarded a ‘Partner In Education’ agreement with MedQuist, at that time the largest Medical Transcription Service Organization in North America.  In 2006, CanScribe was the first, and is still the only Canadian School to have received Education Approval from the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity – the leading association for Medical Transcription worldwide.  In 2008 CanScribe was awarded the Better Business Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence and in that same year they went through a voluntary accreditation process with the Private Career Training Institution Agency in BC.  Achieving their accreditation, CanScribe was then approved as a designated school for student loans in Canada.

In 2010, CanScribe started investigating other courses to add to its course offerings.  During this time, Mrs. Gaudet was researching different learning platforms from which to delivery these new courses.  In order to meet the high levels of reliability and customer service her students have grown accustomed to, Mrs. Gaudet decided that she needed to build her own learning platform, now called Docnito.

In 2011, Docnito Learning Management System Inc. was launched and now hosts all of CanScribe Career College’s online courses and examinations.

In 2012, after specific employer requests, Docnito developed a solution to create and host exams for independent third party employers.  These exams allow potential employers the ability to test a candidate’s knowledge base prior to making a job offer. The platform collects candidate information and allows them to progress through the testing process, but only after meeting specific requirements outlined by each individual employer. This customization allows employers to set up their own perquisites and if candidates do not meet minimum requirements, they do not continue with the test and the information is not forwarded on to the employer. The time savings employers realize in their HR department has made this offering an instant success.